Maven exec with multiple goals

08 Jun 2017

The exec maven plugin allows to use e.g. mvn exec:java to run the program you are working on, or mvn exec:exec to run an arbitrary command. In several situations I wanted to run the program with different arguments and different entrypoints. Finally I spend the time to set it up correctly.

Seeing the full effect of a yum install

28 Dec 2016

In taking care of the security for our docker setup, one of the instructions is to set up auditing for all docker related files. To do this I wanted a reliable method to see which files were used by docker. The following is my solution.

Tarsnap II

14 Dec 2016

The real solution to the tarsnap problem is of course to use docker. I now have a basic solution for this up at github. See docker-tarsnap.

Tarsnap installation on OS X

14 Dec 2016

Trying to install tarsnap I run into some issues with not being able to find the right openssl libraries. Here follows some information on the state of my system when it happened, and what solved it.

Running John the Ripper

13 Dec 2016

In trying to set up a cloud-config with working passwords there was a comment:

Google's Hybrid Approach to Research

10 Dec 2016

Notes on the article by Spector, Norvig, and Petrov on the way google organizes the combination of engineering and research.

Blog moved

10 Dec 2016

I have moved my blog from to here ( As I did not want to put a lot of effort into this move, the articles that now looked uninteresting to me or had no longer existing references have been dropped.

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