bootstrap on aggregated data

24 Aug 2015

If you have a data where ech row represents a separate observation then getting a bootstrap sample from it is just

sample(data, replace = TRUE)

If your data is aggregated so that every row represents many observations with a count column to indicate the number of observations, then the following function gives you a bootstrap sample

agg_bootstrap <- function(dat, cts_colname) {
  cts <- dat[[cts_colname]]
  # do the bootstrap sampling
  idxs <- sample(seq_along(cts), prob = cts, size = sum(cts), replace = TRUE)
  # aggregate results of sampling
  idx_ct <- tabulate(idxs, nbins = nrow(dat))
  # add bookstrap column and set values
  dat[[paste0(cts_colname, "bootstrap")]] <- idx_ct