Generating Large Trees to Play In.

18 Oct 2014

I have been working at understanding Huet’s Zippers. To do some proper testing of the code I have written, I need some large trees to play in. This post is about generating these trees with org.clojure/test.check.

It has been a while since I used test.check, so I’ll be following the guide. Here on first scan I see that was a good idea anyway since: “NOTE: Writing recursive generators was significantly simplified in version 0.5.9.” When really trying to use it, it turned out that I had forgotten too much to make an easy start. However, once I got to understand the new recursive generator, it was easy.

Here it is:

(def compound (fn [inner-gen]
(gen/not-empty (gen/map gen/keyword inner-gen))))
(def scalar-tree (gen/recursive-gen compound gen/nat))

Using this we can generate a tree as intended (and by chaning the value 10 to a large value we can get large trees indeed)

(gen/sample (gen/resize 10 scalar-tree) 2)

which gives us

({:ch- {:i:6:!O? {:cyum:gVk:*:407 2,
:Y 8,
:!2_?:c?LT:_EJO 0}}}
{:+*9t:GJ {:L7R:+:9 {:hr*:G {:o9:+X1 2},
:kz {:q:w:_fp_n:Co0sn 10,
:X*5:_!0:9 8,
:*_0+9:!:*1:e:*Tq 8}}},
:_+9:Vwe:0-:20*D:_ {:R:f {:A2:0SjMt:!9+!J:I+3+ {:+9E:30_:- 0,
:H 2}}}})

Using this here is a property for zippers (if you have a nonempty tree, make it into a zipper, go down the first key, then back up; after all that, the current value is the original tree) and its test

(def downup-is-id
(prop/for-all [t (gen/not-empty scalar-tree)]
(let [k (first (keys t))]
(= t (get-cur (up (down (zipper t) k)))))))

(tc/quick-check 100 downup-is-id)